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Galaxy Star Light Projector™

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Remember visiting the planetarium as a kid? 

Now you can relive those nostalgic memories with your kids using the Galaxy Projector, in comfort of your home. 

This Projector will instantly project Moon, Stars against a transforming blue nebula cloud on your ceiling and walls, instantly changing the atmosphere of your room.

Backed by thousands of parents the Galaxy Projector is the current internet sensation.

The projector is perfect for adding a modern touch to your room, brighten your kid's room or light a romantic dinner for two (Netflix & Chill Approved!) It also works as a unique night lamp. An excellent gift for adults and kids alike! 

Get ready to turn your night into a trip through space!

How It Works In Details:

Vivid Lighting
It projects the stars, nebula, and the moon. With 6 different color options and limitless patterns, you can create the perfect vibe to suit any mood.
Reacts to Music:
Stars will twinkle according to the music beat, enjoy watching the stars dance to the beat.
Built-in 2200MaH battery
More Energy-saving and environment-friendly with the USB rechargeable battery.


  • Relieve Stress & Anxiety: Sit back, relax, and feel the stress of the day melt away as you immerse yourself in the galaxy.
  • Improve sleep Quality: It puts kids to sleep, adults also can use as a light lamp
  • It’s incredibly romantic (private lighting and Netflix show? Yes please!)
  • It creates a nostalgic and aesthetic atmosphere in any space. 


MagicgGlaxyLight© is the original manufacturer of Galaxy Projector, please be careful of the counterfeit projectors out there in the market. Those Cheap Projectors will project dull lights which are not vision friendly for eyes. Please report to us if you are aware of any of those piracy companies at care@magicgalaxylight.com
Get this original Galaxy Projector for your Loved once today. Our stock is very limited, if we sold out please check back in October!