It Pennywise Candy Bowl
It Pennywise Candy Bowl
It Pennywise Candy Bowl

It Pennywise Candy Bowl

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a sweet introduction

We all think that we wouldn't succumb to Pennywise's ways. Like, come on... a clown in the sewer? No way! But when you think about all the dancing clown's tricks you start to understand. This timeless entity is seriously manipulative. He's got ways of really making people feel like he could be their friend. Honestly, that might not work on us either. We've been through middle school, after all. Do you know what might actually work? Good ol' fashioned candy! We just can't say no to sugar. It's not unique but when you see it all piled up in this bowl, you just might take your chances. 

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This seriously eerie clown is the perfect way to work a little more Stephen King style creep into your household decor. Officially licensed, Pennywise is rich with details. The haunted entities face has a wide, grinning glower and has cracks in the clown's greasepaint. Orange hair is greased up into a wild do. The stalking stance, in particular really makes an unsettling impact on your Halloween decorations. Fill it with candy for your guests or use it for a catch-all throughout October. You'll be glad you went ahead and grabbed a handful of candy. Tasty, tasty, beautiful fear... er, candy.

Items Included
Bowl Holder

Rigid foam bowl holder is 15" tall
Half-circular clear plastic bowl is 9" wide, 4" deep
Bowl rests on figure's feet
Officially licensed

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